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In April, 2020 as a way to contribute a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we established a social enterprise division of JCG Hong Kong Limited to allow us to invest in projects with a social objective. The broader mission however is a commitment to social, environmental and sustainability practices, particularly within the communities in which we live and operate our businesses. 

Our second project is a Life Cycle thinking approach to every aspect of ESG and sustainability. We have established Farmaissance Innovation Holdings Limited ("iFarmaissance") and iFarmaissance Brands Limited ("iFarmBrands") as the key components of this Life Cycle Approach ("LCA"). This integrated LCA addresses not only environmental issues but also the economic and social impacts of business. Balancing each of aspects is vital to maximising sustainability outcomes (see below).  

We have also created the JCG Sustainability Foundation as a Company Limited by Guarantee by Founding Guarantee members Jennifer Chan and Gary Gardner. An application has been submitted for registration as a section 88 Charitable Fund, tax exempt company under the HK Inland Revenue Ordinance.​​​

COVID-19 Response

To focus our response to the COVID-19 pandemic we created a special team to co-ordinate our efforts to source and supply Masks and Medical Equipment for health professionals, first responders' and the general public globally. We redeployed some of our existing team and added team members in mainland China to facilitate the sourcing activities.

China & Hong Kong SAR - Sourcing and Logistics


Our CEO Jennifer Chan co-ordinated the team in Hong Kong and mainland China to source and supply the very best quality Masks and Medical supplies available to help fight the Coronanvirus. Our CFO Gary Gardner managed our financial resources to allow us to have the greatest impact.

The initial rush to to find reliable sources for the supply of large quantities of Certified medical supplies has now subsided but we retain our channels to service all enquiries for these products. 

Life Cycle Approach to ESG and Sustainability

Our “Life Cycle Thinking” approach to sustainability looks to understand the links between the ESG, environmental, economic and social impacts and the consequences of business activities from beginning to end. Our goal is to embed sustainability by establishing a systematic framework that ties together and links every life cycle component.


Through iFarmaissance Innovation we can examine and debate the environmental factors and provide a research and development platform to inform our business activities. This covers farming, green sustainability, climate change, innovative farm and supply chain technologies, raw materials, AI, food security, food safety, transport, waste disposal, traceability etc.


We can Value Add to the knowledge we have gained through these experiences. Using iFarm Brands to develop these ideas as commercial activities allows us the opportunity to contribute through recognition of our social responsibility to return at least part of our profits for social good. We can apply this to product design, raw materials – organics, vegan textiles and sustainable leather, ethical fashion, recycling and re-purposing etc. to facilitate this circular economy. 



The JCG Sustainability Foundation is the final piece of our life cycle approach. It provides a community outlet to amplify the social messaging around farming, food and nutrition and the effect on our daily lives. Through Events, Seminars, STEAM Education, Greening Programmes and nutrition education we can provide valuable industry and  consumer advice and experiences .

By integrating generational groups such as kids, youth, early retirees and community groups (mental health & well-being) there can be not only long term benefits to the groups involved but also society in general through increased food production and more sophisticated technological breakthroughs in nutritional and yield values.

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