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Bridging China to the World

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JCG Hong Kong

Consulting Services

JCG Hong Kong Limited is the joint venture Consulting Company of Jennifer C. Gardner and Gary Gardner which combines their different individual skills and professional knowledge with many years of practical business exposure.

Our expertise extends to facilitating the collaboration between International, Hong Kong and Mainland China entities. We are dedicated to bridging China to the World through our unique range of services.

Emerging from this period of COVID-19 our focus has evolved and a sense of social responsibility now drives our decision making. 

The company focusses on Branding, International Business Development, IP Management, Business Sustainability and ESG Consulting, particularly Climate Action transitions and other UN Sustainable Development Goals to raise awareness around climate and biodiversity issues.

The company also specialises in Commodity Sourcing and Trade Facilitation in BioFuels and Oil and agricultural resources in Asia, for export globally.

We are a Hong Kong/Australia-based Consulting Company.

Who We Are

Jennifer Gardner

✧ Ecopreneur
✧ Assessor @cisl_cambridge
✧ Branding and International Business
✧ R & D Biobased Leather 

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Gary Gardner

✧ Chartered Accountant ANZ

✧ Educator - ESG & Sustainability

✧ Business Consultant

✧ R & D Biobased Leather Alternative

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